EOTECH - 3D digitisation - roughness - profiles - 3D shape - displacement - photometry - colorimetry

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    Eotech is introducing the new infrared camera!
    The EvaTHERM is dedicqted to non-contact measurements of
    thermal distributions and changes on the skin.

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  • VISIOTOP-500

    Eotech wished to offer positioning benches more mobile, more transportable and less expensive, while keeping the performances for re-positioning models and minimizing settings.

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    The new DermaTOP has arrived!
    New technology, more resolution, more performances, larger fields of view!
    Replaces formal DermaTOP Bleu.

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    Eotech is introducing a new high resolution 3D sensor series for local measurement on the skin: The EvaSKIN-S, or for teh full face: EvaFACE-S

    They are affordable, performant and unique!

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    High resolution camera system replaces measuring arms

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  • Welcome to the StereoScan neo! It is the next generation of high end 3D scanner following the StereoScan. Thanks to the combined technologies stereometry and fringes projection, you will be able to digitize all sized parts at the highest resolution! The See What You Measure functionality is a great.


    New non contact optical profiler for 3D surface metrology.
    The Heliotis P4 answers to numerous applications.

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    Welcome on our Website!

    EOTECH will participate at various events :


    The JDP 2016
    From December 07 till December 09, 2016 - Paris - Palais des Congrès

    In Cosmetics show 2017
    From April 4th till April 6th, 2017 - London

    COMET 2017
    From June 06 till June 07 2017 - Cergy Pontoise - France

    Founded in 1993, Eotech offers complementary solutions for surface characterization and 3D scanning. Eotech also develops its own solutions, where you will find all its knowledge and skills to best meet customer applications.

    Life science

    • AEVA-HE

    • DermaTOP-HE

    • VisioSphere 3D

    • EvaSKIN-S

    • EvaFACE-S

    • DynaSKIN

    • DUB®SkinScanner

    • EvaTHERM

    • Visio-4D

    • VisioTOP-300/-500

    • AEVA-Software

    3D Digitisation

    • StereoScan neo

    • smartSCAN-HE

    • MoveInspect

    • DPA Pro

    • d-STATION

    • PartInspect M

    • naviSCAN

    • TubeInspect

    • Turn Tables

    • MI.Probe Mini

    • Calibration plates

    • Systems holders

    • Geomagic Wrap

    • Geomagic Control X


    • heliProfiler P4-400

    • HeliInspect H4

    • nanoPRO

    • OptoSURF

    • Fiberoptic Displacement Sensors

    • Goniophotometer GO-H 1660

    • Goniophotometer GO-V 1920

    • Photometer Unit 1600 AMR

    • Goniophotometer GO-DS

    • Luxmeters - Photometers

    • Colorimeters

    • Spectroradiometer LMT GO-DS SM 8117