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    Wrinkles Analysis, Challenging !

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    There are several ways to approach the analysis of fine lines and wrinkles to evaluate cosmetic effect. First is to consider today several potential areas of interest. The crow’s feet is no more the area of reference when it comes to testing a serum or cream that is applied all over the face. Other areas should also be considered to describe the signs due to age and/or damage on the skin. So peri-orbital, peri-oral areas and cheeks are as much potential to be analyzed. What characterizes Crow's feet, it is the appearance of the first wrinkle, from 20-25 years (some studies showed it) as it is formed in the continuity of the folding of the eyes, founding his way through local pores. But from 40 years their number and distribution increase, and wrinkles appear as a network on the whole part of the face and body. Our high resolution 3D measurement solutions today offer measured surfaces that largely cover all of these areas of interest in one shot, and reinforces the multiple areas analysis that we recommend. The new EVA-S5 series is the standardization of this concept.

    Also analysis of wrinkles cannot be summarized as the only measure of their depths. Of course their numbers, their lengths, their surfaces and volumes are to be added to the list of parameters to be analyzed.